With well over 20 years of experience supporting businesses and creating, managing and optimising marketing strategies, Mae Day Marketing can help give your business the boost you need.

Want to drive more leads and sales? Need help launching a social media strategy? Want your website to work more effectively? Looking to refresh the face of your brand? 

Judi-mae is Passionate About Supporting Businesses

Marketing Strategy

From creating up an entire end-to-end marketing plan to hit objectives and KPIs within a set budget, to reviewing a current strategy, we can help you organise your marketing spend to its best ability, helping you realise your business objectives.

PR & Social Media

Launching an active social media and public relations strategy can be quite the commitment. Let us take out the hard work of growing audiences and engagement by providing advice, guidelines and content recommendations – or simply have us manage it all completely, to your specifications.

Brand Identity

Do you think your brand needs a refresh? Maybe you live by your company values but you struggle to explain them to new staff, or communicate them through PR activity? Maybe you want to launch a new product or sub-brand, but aren’t sure where to start. We have masses of experience with brands – small and large, new and well established – so drop us a line and we will help you get things straight.

Website Development

At Mae Day Marketing, website development is where it all began, from excitedly watching the beginning of the Internet, to an IT degree, right through to managing huge website build projects for national brands. We are masters in our field when it comes to websites; we can design, plan and build them, optimise them and tell you what’s really going right and wrong behind the scenes of them.

Graphics & Design

As a creative, Judi-mae is passionate about getting graphics right, whether that’s with branding, imagery, sales support materials or other pieces of design work. Mae Day Marketing can help you make sure your business is getting it right and staying true to your brand. Since launching Mae Day Marketing, Judi-mae has single-handedly designed a wide array of collaterals from posters, brochures, conference materials, packs of cards, beer cans and stickers, right through to creating complete brand identities, including logos, brand imagery and websites.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A lot of people profess to understand the ‘dark art’ of SEO, but do they really understand the technical complexities of what a search engine is looking for in order to place a website at the top of their rankings? We do. With experience of search from its conception in the 90s, Mae Day Marketing can help you to optimise your existing assets and build a strategy which will get you more traffic and more business. We understand the ever changing technical, authority-based and content requirements to get you the traffic you deserve.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Mae Day Marketing can also support with paid advertising campaigns, which will help your business to bring in definite returns. From Google Ads set up and management, to LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook promoted content, we can help you get your message to the right audiences, generating you attention, leads and sales.

Reputation Management

The Internet harbours good and bad opinions on all businesses. If negative and left unresolved, these can lose you customers to the competition. Mae Day Marketing can support you with optimising your online persona and subsequently driving more business. We can also help your reputation with crisis management, brand growth strategies, internal marketing, corporate social responsibility and improving your media relations.

Online User Experience

Understanding user behaviour on your website is the first step to optimising sales and leads that come through it. We can review, test, survey and tweak the content of your website using data analysis and a complex understanding of conversion rate optimisation techniques, making your website easier to use and generating you more revenue.

Sales & Lead Generation

You have a fabulous product and you are ready to sell it, but you need a push in the right direction to start generating sales. Maybe you are already selling, but you want to do much more. At Mae Day Marketing we can help you set up the right environment to start building your business for market dominance.

For support with any of the above, or for a chat about how we can help you grow your business in another way – get in touch with us today

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